I want to get into , and looking to start out with the Helios 44-2.

The temptation of an at home IPL despite being black and knowing it probably won’t work.

@imMalcolm it’s the best iteration of the real console as a portable idea, like the Vita and Switch before it, but it suffers from being Linux based and relying on a translation layer. I haven’t come across a game that hasn’t worked on it yet, but there’s still a lot of chance and setup involved.

I spent so much on this Steam sale filling out my catalog of stuff to play on my Steam Deck. Really enjoying the experience, but god damn does the Deck make me work to make me love it.

@seraphucked made it easier to get emotional, like crying at movies and such. Didn’t fundamentally change my relationship with my emotions, but it did make those emotions a bit deeper and harder to mask.

Product development co-opted user advocacy to mean creating things good for the service. We see increased engagement as signals of want when they are just signals of engagement.

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@simon ActivityPub is much, much more interesting to me than Mastadon on its own.

Took some portraits the other day because at 13 months in at HRT, my face changed enough to not look like me the last time I took headshots at around 6 months in. It’s subtle, but it’s so impactful.

Grey got super into this music video Good Times / Problemz by Jungle. Now he keeps trying to mimic the choreography as best a 19 month old can.

Never really got into trying to make music/media consumption into a social thing, product wise. Like, someone keeps trying to make variations of the live DJ product (I worked on one) and it falls flat on its face. I think people aren’t really that into live music discovery like that compare to being able to curate at least the type of music they’ll be getting, like picking a station, playlist, artist, etc.

Planning a fun day off work and doing chores and errands instead, because I’m a parent.

@Urbane_doc4kids @BlackAzizAnansi biggest problem just due to how all of this works. Like the bigger an instance is, the more people are there, but also the harder to moderate and inevitably the more other instances start to block them.
It’s like to get the most of of an instance you and all your friends need to make one together and collectively decide how you want to moderate it, but if you had friends like that you could just do a group chat and skip the headaches.

Really enjoying my Steam Deck. It’s kind of perfect for me, the person who plays a bunch of indie games and years old AAA titles.

Deleted the other site’s app on my devices. I don’t want to go back to 2016-2020 Twitter, especially with the platform actively antagonizing its users like it is under new management. I hope others follow suit.

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man, things really just keep happening, don’t they


Everyone wants to plan meetups on the days I get laser on my face. I'm going to be a sunburnt glazed donut on that day, so I'll have to pass.

It’s a cold take, but it sure is tiring just how pathologized and medicalized being trans is. Keeping up with appointments, needing people to sign off on shit that you only need sign off for because you’re trans, timing meds refills and keeping track of shortages, etc.

I don't get NJT Bus routes, so I want to make a dynamic system diagram so I can. Already got the NJT API creds, just need the time to do some exploration.

That said, not really crazy about some of the data updating being manual. There's an email that goes out when the GTFS data is changed, as opposed to like, an endpoint you could just periodically ping against.

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